Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cover Reveal: Dirty Deeds by AJ Nuest


Inside the Book:

Title: Dirty Deeds 
Author: AJ Nuest 
Release Date: January 31, 2017 
Publisher: Lyrical Press 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Format: Ebook

An Eye for an Eye

As owner of Dirty Deeds, a tech-savvy company specializing in the age-old art of revenge, Eden Smith knows first-hand that secrecy is critical. But when a dead body washes up on the shores of Lake Michigan clutching her business card, Eden’s well-constructed world begins to fall apart. Apparently, she’s not the only one with a passion for payback, and staying alive to outsmart a killer has become her most important job of all.

A Game for a Game

Hardened homicide detective Kelly Riordan is convinced Eden Smith is hiding more than she’s willing to admit. Years on the force have taught him that nothing is what it seems, and that couldn’t be truer than when it comes to investigating the alluring owner of a revenge-for-hire business. But revealing her past could put everything Eden has worked for in jeopardy. And trusting a man like Riordan goes against the very instincts that have kept her alive this long.

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Meet the Author:

Multi-published award-winning author and editor, AJ Nuest, resides in Northwest Indiana with her loving husband, two beautiful children and a bevy of spoiled pets. Her four-part serial fantasy romance, The Golden Key Chronicles, was recently named the RONE Time Travel Romance of 2015 by Ind’Tale Magazine, and her contemporary romantic comedy, She’s Got Dibs won First Place in the Heartland Romance Author’s Show Me the Spark! Contest, 2013. She and the cat are currently vying for dictatorship. The cat is winning.

You can visit her website at http://ajnuest.com

Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Blast: Under the Stars by Vicki Senz - Win a $25 Gift Card


Inside the Book:

Title: Under the Stars 
Author: Vicki Senz 
Publisher: Xlibris 
Genre: Poetry 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

The poetry is about lost love, heartbreak, and the difficulties that are faced day to day. It is full of hope, encouragement, and courage to face life even against the hardest decisions that life can give you. It can be a sentence or even just one word that can change a person’s perspective at a time that they are facing a difficult period in their life. Giving another person some comfort even through words can change anyone. If a phrase gives another hope and to continue on, then writing these poems is worth the time. Poetry has a way of getting through to even the strong; your emotions and feelings are ripped open, and you find that you can’t help but think about that one poem and how much it can help you understand all the beauty that is around. This world that we live in can be cruel and unforgiving, but if we can see the words in poetry, then we can feel them also.


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Book Blast: Until Next Time by Nictoria Robbins Book Blast - Win a $25 Gift Card


Inside the Book:

Title: Until Next Time 
Author: Nictoria Robbins 
Publisher: Xlibris 
Genre: Fiction 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Jake and Kirsten met on an online dating site, and their journey began, sometimes difficult; but for some reason, they keep coming back to each other, to lost souls. Kirsten is not sure what Jake wants, and neither does she. This story is about two people who try to hide their feelings. They care about each other, but it will end up tearing them apart. Not all stories have a happy ending.

Meet the Author:

Nictoria Robbins lives in Queensland, Australia. Her children have grown, and she started writing poetry and short stories and, from the enjoyment of writing, wrote her first book. Nictoria also loves to read and her garden, family, and friends who are close to heart. She hopes you enjoy the journey that she has written.


Nictoria is giving away a $25 Gift Card!

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Interview with J.J. Zerr, author of The Junior Officer Bunkroom


Inside the Book:

The Junior Officer Bunkroom
Title: The Junior Officer Bunkroom 
Author: J.J. Zerr 
Publisher: iUniverse 
Pages: 282 
Genre: Military 
Format: Ebook

It is 1970, and Jon Zachery is a young United States Navy pilot who wants nothing more than to gain combat experience during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, his patriotic sacrifice is of no value to the navy or the nation. His squadron has been slated to decommission with most of its pilots destined for dead-end jobs. As the pro-war lieutenant awaits his orders and drowns his sorrows in whiskey, his wife, Teresa, prays and hopes for a better tomorrow. Navy Lieutenant Amos Kane is a natural stick-and-throttle jockey who is known as Cool Hand Duke in the air and a prankster on the ground. As his dreams of being an attack pilot in ’Nam are taken away, he begins dating Charlotte Wilkins, who convinces him to adopt an antiwar philosophy. When orders cause Zachery and Kane’s paths to converge in a bunkroom aboard an aircraft carrier in the Tonkin Gulf, it quickly becomes evident that the two lieutenants have vastly different viewpoints. As tragedy strikes and antagonism escalates, everyone discovers just how quickly life can change. In this military thriller, the paths of two navy pilots come together in a JO bunkroom during the Vietnam War where their perspectives clash, instigating life-changing consequences.

The Junior Officer Bunkroom is available for order at

The Interview

How did I come up with the title for the book?

I have been fascinated with how little pockets of society set up their little societies, with their own rules and sets of behaviors, which by mutual consent, become normal. I pictured the Junior Officer Bunkroom as one of those mini-societies.
What is my writing environment like?

My principal place to write is a converted bedroom in our house. I have a desktop computer, reference books, dictionaries in five languages, a white board I use for plotting, time lining, listing characters. But I also have a Macbook Air. I write with it on airplanes, in the car when my wife is shopping. But neither of those is my writing environment. That is in my head, and I can pretty much write anywhere, and I can pretty much tune out the environment. I can’t say that I can write at any time. My brain gets tired in the evening. It is work to hold up props and the past.

What are some of the best tools available today for writers?

The internet, obviously. A gazillion tons of info out there, if you can just phrase your query properly. One of the things I lean on it for is determining if my terminology is appropriate to the timeframe of a story. I also like the extensive microfilm libraries of newspapers. But the best resource is getting critical readers to look at your work. You can have a great story, but a historical inaccuracy can let a lot of air out of the balloon.

What inspires you to write?

I think it started with a love of stories. I liked to read them in funny papers and books, hear them on the radio and when my family gathered, watch them in movies and on TV. And this next one was a biggee. When I was a junior in high school, I became enamored with the guys who had cars, rolled cigarette packs in their shirtsleeves, and always had girls around them. They didn’t sweat school much, either. Sister Matthews gave me an F in literature that year at mid semester. I told her I should have gotten a C. She told me I should have gotten an A. And for the semester I would get either that A or an F. I did not want an F. Actually, I got a B. I was inordinately pleased.

Did you learn anything while writing this book?

The Junior Officer Bunkroom is my fifth book. While I was writing it, I submitted my fourth, The Happy Life of Preston Katt, to two “Best Self-published Book of the Year” contests. One judge gave me 34 out 35 points but dinged me for the way I handled a female character. The other judge said, “Frankly, I don’t care for this kind of story.” What I learned is that every piece of criticism you are privileged to receive is valuable. The latter one included. I believe you cannot get too much criticism. You may not agree with all, or even much of what you get, but if take it in with an open mind, try to understand that reader’s viewpoint, look at your words and see if you can address the critic’s comments without destroying your story, it is a worthwhile exercise, even if you reject the comment entirely. What I find quite often, is then when I am considering a particular criticism, I come up with a new and better way to deliver a sentence or a paragraph than either my critic or myself had come up with. Criticism is food for thought.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

I have not one quality, which I would characterize as satisfactory, much less one I would call my favorite. The one closest to satisfactory is that I know that I don’t know how much I ought to know.

Meet the Author:

J. J. Zerr is a United States Navy and Vietnam veteran who holds bachelor and master’s degrees in engineering. He has published poetry, short stories, and other novels. J. J. and his wife reside in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Visit the author’s website at www.authorjjzerr.com.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cover Reveal: First Comes Desire by Tina Donahue

Inside the Book:

Title: First Comes Desire
Author: Tina Donahue
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Romance
Format: Ecopy
On a lush, secluded island, one passionate adventure leads to another….

Diana Fletcher means business. The beautiful, innocent, reverend’s daughter has traveled all the way to a tropical island off Madagascar on a mission: To find her brother—and to punish the man who drove him to a life of piracy. But when she comes face to face with the enemy in question, the handsome, powerfully seductive man is not at all what Diana expected…

Tristan Kent never intended to harm Diana’s brother. A man of humble origins, Tristan claims he tried to save him from another ruthless captain. Diana is desperate to believe he is telling the truth…and that the intoxicating desire that escalates between them is true as well. But can she trust him? Or is Tristan’s story—and his heart—nothing more than fool’s gold? Amid the haze of sensual delights and soaring ecstasy Tristan has in store for her, all will be revealed…
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Meet the Author:

Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Kensington, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Siren Publishing, Booktrope, and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic novels (Adored; Deep, Dark, Delicious; Lush Velvet Nights) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. Sensual Stranger, her erotic romance, was chosen Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category) at the French review site, Blue Moon reviews. The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for her erotic romance Lush Velvet Nights. Deep, Dark, Delicious (erotic romance) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition. Take Me Away (erotic romance) captured second place in the NEC-RWA contest. And The Yearning (erotic paranormal) was honored with an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition. She’s featured in the 2012 Novel and Writer’s Market. Before penning romances, she worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Interview with Rachel Dunne, author of In the Shadow of the Gods


Inside the Book:

Title: In the Shadows 
Author: Rachel Dunne 
Release Date: June 21, 2016 
Publisher: Harper Voyager 
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure 
Format: Paperback/Ebook

A breathtaking talent makes her debut with this first book in a dark epic fantasy trilogy, in which a mismatched band of mortals led by a violent, secretive man must stand against a pair of resentful gods to save their world.

Eons ago, a pair of gods known as the Twins grew powerful in the world of Fiatera, until the Divine Mother and Almighty Father exiled them, binding them deep in the earth. But the price of keeping the fire lands safe is steep. To prevent these young gods from rising again, all twins in the land must be killed at birth, a safeguard that has worked until now.

Trapped for centuries, the Twins are gathering their latent powers to break free and destroy the Parents for their tyranny—to set off a fight between two generations of gods for control of the world and the mortals who dwell in it.

When the gods make war, only one side can be victorious. Joros, a mysterious and cunning priest, has devised a dangerous plan to win. Over eight years, he gathers a team of disparate fighters—Scal, a lost and damaged swordsman from the North; Vatri, a scarred priestess who claims to see the future in her fires; Anddyr, a drug-addled mage wandering between sanity and madness; and Rora and Aro, a pair of twins who have secretly survived beyond the reach of the law.

These warriors must learn to stand together against the unfathomable power of vengeful gods, to stop them from tearing down the sun . . . and plunging their world into darkness.

    photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpgB&N

The Interview

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I never had a big realization – I’d just been telling stories for pretty much as long as I’d been speaking, and writing them down as soon as I learned how. It came as a surprise to absolutely no one who knew me that I was going to go to college for writing. It’s just always been a part of who I am.

How long did it take you to write the book?

In The Shadow of the Gods took about two years to write, though the first year was pretty off-and-on until I really found the time and the motivation to finish.

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

It took me a long time to figure out that I work best on a strict routine, so now I write at the same time every day, until I hit my daily word count. I even have an alarm that goes off to yell at me to start writing at the set time, if I’m not already doing it.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I need to have music playing if I’m writing. There’s no other way to kick my brain into the right mindset. I go through different moods for what kind of music I want to listen to, but as long as there’s some music happening, I can write.

In your opinion, what does it take to get a book published?

Determination, mostly. If you decide it’s time to get published, don’t let anyone stop you. If you get rejected enough, don’t interpret that as being a bad writer – use that opportunity to take a hard look at your work, get some honest feedback, and polish it up even more…and then get back out there and get published!

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

A lot of it comes from “What if” type questions that pop into my brain when I least expect it. “What if characters from these two different books met?” “What if this crazy person in a news article had a dragon?” “What if horses didn’t exist?” They’re not always winners, but when enough of the what-ifs bump into each other, they’ll usually become a decent story idea I can polish.

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

I wrote my first novel when I was twelve…and the less that’s said about it, the better.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I’ve got a big bear of a dog who needs lots of attention, so he and I go on lots of walks and hikes. I spend more time than I should playing computer games, and, of course, I’m always reading something.

Meet the Author:

Rachel Dunne
Living in the cold reaches of the upper Midwest with her great beast of a dog, Rachel Dunne has developed a great fondness for indoor activities. For as long as snow continues falling in Wisconsin, she promises to stay inside and keep writing. 

Her first novel, In the Shadow of the Gods, was a semi-finalist for the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and will be published by Harper Voyager in June of 2016. Its two sequels will follow.  
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Book Feature: Launch Facility Bravo 13, 1 NOV 80 by Raymond Appleman



Title: Launch Facility Bravo 13, 1 NOV 80 
Author: Raymond Appleman 
Publisher: AuthorHouse 
Genre: Mystery/Detective 
Format: Ebook

This is a fiction short story about a haunted missile site. Many air force personnel claim to have felt a tap on their shoulder and a voice ask “got a light?” while on Bravo 13. No person was ever seen responsible for the contact or the voice. On the night of 31 October 1980, a camper team of two guards was maintaining security while the electronic security systems were down for maintenance. The off-duty guard fired all the rounds from a short magazine on his M16 at the back door of the camper while he was in rest status inside the camper. Two security specialists were sent to investigate this incident and the story is the debriefing of their investigation.  


I was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1955 and graduated from Tallmadge High School in 1973. I enlisted for the United States Air Force on 1978 and served as missile facilities specialist with 321 Field Missile Maintenance Squadron at Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota, and quality control inspector/evaluator with 321 Strategic Missile Wing, Headquarters Squadron. I was honorably discharged in 1983. I studied BS computer science in University of North Dakota in 1985. I have worked as a computer instructor, computer technician, bookkeeper, and flight line service technician. I got my private pilot certificate in 1996.